“Co-Creating Value with Customers”

My latest article – focused on value co-creation through the publishing lens – was published at Digital Book World (it’s the first in a short series I’m writing for DBW). http://www.digitalbookworld.com/2011/co-creating-value-with-customers/

Co-Creating Value with Customers – DBW Series

In a stroke of what can only be called good fortune, Digital Book World has given me the opportunity to write a series of articles about applying the principles of value co-creation to publishing. Over the next several months, I’ll be circling around the topic in general as well as providing specific examples. Look for […]

Interview at Turnstyle News

Noah Nelson at Turnstyle News interviews me about participatory entertainment, shared story worlds, and transmedia. http://turnstylenews.com/2011/04/14/shared-story-worlds-scott-walker-artist-series-podcast/ This interview could have easily gone on for hours – so much to cover, between transmedia, fandom, shared worlds, religion, education, the ‘Transmedia, Hollywood 2′ conference, etc. Plus, Noah’s got some cool creative ideas of his own (which he […]

Copyright Conundrum

Typing Monkey

A year ago I wrote an email to someone about an idea about how to address some of the issues I saw in copyright without requiring a change to current legislation. A recent conversation reminded me of the idea, so I dug it up, brushed it off, and expanded on it. Here’s the result. I […]