‘Shared Story World Design Primer’ (DIY Days L.A.)

After posting several entries at Shared Story Worlds, I had the chance to expand on them at DIY Days L.A. 2011. Although I had about an hour to make the presentation, I barely had time to cover the absolute basics (I hope to go into more detail future posts at SSW). Still, the exercise of […]

Triple Panel Play at SXSW 2012


Very excited to be on (3) proposed panels for SXSW, and even more excited about the other speakers on the panels. All three relate to audience contribution and participatory storytelling (not surprise to anyone who has read this blog!), but they approach the topics from different perspectives. Voting is now open and runs through September […]

“Co-Creating Value with Customers – 7th Son: Obsidian”

The second article in my Digital Book World series on value co-creation is up! http://www.digitalbookworld.com/2011/co-creating-value-with-audiences-%E2%80%93-7th-son-obsidian/   Series history: Co-Creating Value with Customers (first article)

Interview at Turnstyle News

Noah Nelson at Turnstyle News interviews me about participatory entertainment, shared story worlds, and transmedia. http://turnstylenews.com/2011/04/14/shared-story-worlds-scott-walker-artist-series-podcast/ This interview could have easily gone on for hours – so much to cover, between transmedia, fandom, shared worlds, religion, education, the ‘Transmedia, Hollywood 2′ conference, etc. Plus, Noah’s got some cool creative ideas of his own (which he […]