LARPers, Transmedia, and Wyrd Con


I’m a bit late in making the announcement, but I’m heading to Costa Mesa June 10-11 to check out Wyrd Con 2, a LARP (live-action role-play) convention. I’ll be taking the plunge and running my first LARP experience (set in Runes of Gallidon, of course!), as well as speaking at a panel on the 11th […]

Interviewed by Emily Williams at Digital Book World – part 2

The second part of my interview with Digital Book World‘s Emily Williams is now up: This part focuses on Brain Candy, LLC‘s first collaborative commercial entertainment property, Runes of Gallidon. Thanks to Emily and the DBW team for highlighting new models of entertainment creation! You can read part one of the interview here.

Another Posting Siesta…and Comic-Con 2009


Posting will be light for the rest of the month – Brain Candy is busy gearing up for a Runes of Gallidon appearance at Comic-Con in San Diego in (gasp!) two weeks. Let me know if you’re heading down. Kali Chung will be reprising her cosplay role of Ruena, a character from Runes of Gallidon, […]

Runes of Gallidon Comic Coming Along Nicely

Brain Candy, LLC received the first five pages of the commissioned Runes of Gallidon comic being developed, and they look great. The artist, Bernardo Negron, is managing to produce visual interpretations of the comic script (written by Tony Graham) in a way that matches our vision but also includes value-adds here and there. We’ve had […]

A Brief Respite

Posting will be light to non-existent for the next month or two – have to focus on Brain Candy site overhaul and rebranding, Runes of Gallidon site updates, the new series of posts about digital content I want to draft, and a lot of Kenji writing that’s gotten pushed off recently. Apologies in advance…