Fans, Funds, and Value Co-Creation

Note: you should read Andrea Phillips’ post on this topic before reading my response below, and be sure to check out Carrie Young’s expanded thoughts on the topic! Earlier this year at the StoryWorld Conference, Andrea Phillips approached me and proclaimed, “You know, I really, really, really hate the term, ‘value co-creation!’” It was not […]

Transmedia and Me – One Year Later

A year ago, I stopped using the term transmedia in reference to my company and my company’s projects. I had just returned from SXSW in time to catch the first ‘Transmedia, Hollywood’ conference, and the cross-currents going on in the transmedia space forced me to re-evaluate my use of the term. The result was that […]

Remix Fiction Interview, part deux

The second installment of my interview series at Remix Fiction is up, in which I discuss transmedia and fail to name check Andrea Phillips as one of the driving forces behind the Transmedia Artists Guild: Remix Fiction Television Episode #730.1 (Scott Walker) from Martin Aggett on Vimeo. For more information about the Transmedia Artists Guild, […]