Living in a Derivative World

I recently viewed a presentation by The Alchemists (here’s their blog) which included a mashup they made from a Brazilian film. I’ve never seen the film, but having watched the mashup – a hilarious sendup in which the characters are searching for the mysterious “Henry Jenkins” – I have a definite perspective about the original […]

Analogs are Antiques

I’m supposed to be prepping for a mini road trip to San Diego in two days (making a return appearance at Comic-Con on behalf of Runes of Gallidon), but I can’t resist writing this before heading out of town. I just cleaned out my RSS reader, twitter, and Friendfeed updates, and I was struck – […]

Creative Commons Conference Call

More than a bit late on this post, but I had the good fortune to sit in on a conference call Monday that Creative Commons hosted. James Boyle and Joi Ito provided updates on challenges, opportunities, and upcoming activities for CC. It was a great way for them to reach out to the CC community, […]