Piracy is Advertising

Two things happened Wednesday that got me thinking about piracy, digital content, and advertising. The first was meeting Faris Yakob at Henry Jenkins’ Transmedia Storytelling class at USC. Yakob talked about his experiences incorporating transmedial approaches in his job as the EVP Chief Technology Strategist at McCann Erickson New York and gave this presentation about […]

Analogs are Antiques

I’m supposed to be prepping for a mini road trip to San Diego in two days (making a return appearance at Comic-Con on behalf of Runes of Gallidon), but I can’t resist writing this before heading out of town. I just cleaned out my RSS reader, twitter, and Friendfeed updates, and I was struck – […]

ACTA Apparently Fit For Everyone Except the American Public

First, thanks to Techdirt for not letting this issue die. Here’s another post underscoring the bizarre approach the U.S. Government is taking in working through a new treaty meant to deal with issues involving copyright and intellectual property (ACTA). Essentially 27 other countries and countless individuals from several industries are privy to treaty discussions and […]