Your Favorite Female Lead Characters in Fantasy Novels

After a rigorous and highly scientific research-based poll…okay, wait. Actually, I tweeted a question to the Interwebz yesterday for examples of female lead characters in fantasy novels. The results were diverse on just about every spectrum. Recommendations included everything from YA to lesbian mystery fantasies. While authors skewed towards female, it was by no means a male […]

Math, Magic, and Storytelling Shell Games

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A writer walks into a doctor’s office. “You gotta help me, doc. I keep hearing about everyone making money from self-publishing, and everywhere I go, someone’s trying to sell me their book.” “I see,” the doctor says, nodding. “So what seems to be the problem?” “Well, I figure if everyone’s writing a book, I should […]

A History and Future of Collaborative Storytelling

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This is my (un)scientific, (non-)comprehensive, and (not at all) objective overview of the rise of collaborative storytelling: how we (more or less) got here, and where we may (kinda sorta) be heading. No particular axe to grind or agenda to sell, just my observations after watching this space for a few years. Buckle up, this […]