The Voices of TEDxPasadenaWomen

TEDx Pasadena Women Conference

When asked if I would design and produce an interactive experience for the first TEDxPasadenaWomen Conference, I hesitated for all of about .0037 seconds before responding “Yes!” followed by, “Wait. What exactly would you like me to do?” I think I was told something like, “the theme of the conference is ‘Momentum,’ and we’ll have […]

USC’s Cyberpunk: Past and Future Conference

USC Geek Speaks: Cyberpunk - Past and Future

I wasn’t on the cyberpunk train when it left the station, but I thought I caught up with it pretty quickly. When Omni magazine printed William Gibson’s short story, “Burning Chrome,” I bought the issue. Not because it had Gibson’s story, though. I just happened to be buying Omni on a regular basis. As a […]

The Publishing Pivot of Osprey Books

Osprey Logo

The Suvudu website recently clued me in to a new title from military history publisher, Osprey Publishing: Steampunk Soldiers: Uniforms & Weapons From the Age of Steam. Now, I’m not here to tell you whether this is a great book or not (it is) or whether steampunk fans should buy it (they probably should). I’m here to […]

My Time Traveling Pan Am Experience

Pan Am Ticket

“And where are you flying today?” Where, indeed? I’ve just stepped up to the check-in counter for my Pan Am Experience “flight,” and according to Air Hollywood‘s website, I’m about to “relive the magic of flying onboard a luxurious Pan Am 747.” In this case, I’ll be flying on board a specific 747, the Pan Am […]

Your Favorite Female Lead Characters in Fantasy Novels

After a rigorous and highly scientific research-based poll…okay, wait. Actually, I tweeted a question to the Interwebz yesterday for examples of female lead characters in fantasy novels. The results were diverse on just about every spectrum. Recommendations included everything from YA to lesbian mystery fantasies. While authors skewed towards female, it was by no means a male […]