My Time Traveling Pan Am Experience

Pan Am Ticket

“And where are you flying today?” Where, indeed? I’ve just stepped up to the check-in counter for my Pan Am Experience “flight,” and according to Air Hollywood‘s website, I’m about to “relive the magic of flying onboard a luxurious Pan Am 747.” In this case, I’ll be flying on board a specific 747, the Pan Am […]

Thoughts on the FMX 2012 Conference


Earlier this month I attended my first FMX conference, an annual event focused on animation, effects, games and transmedia. Here’s my detailed wrap-up of my awesome time there.

How well does Google know you?

A quick twitter exchange this morning between me and Steve Peters prompted me to take a quick poll to see just how off-base Google is with its attempt to profile online users not logged in to Google. The anecdotal responses of some twitter friends indicated not well at all. Ages were often wrong, as were […]